Just because it’s not now, doesn’t mean it’s never.

August 02

Just because it’s not now, doesn’t mean it’s never.  Just because it is now, doesn’t mean it’s forever.


Sometimes I think we need to remind ourselves of those facts.  Our current circumstances need not be our futures.  See all the things in your life that you’re despairing at?  They can be changed.  We often forget that life goes in cycles; there are good times, and bad times, and even in between times when things just…are.  Life is a crazy ride.  It gets better, it gets worse – but one thing it isn’t, is static.  It always moves.  And like it says in Ecclesiastes, there is a time for everything under the sun.  I know when things in my life start looking down, I sometimes look around and despair.  Because I imagine my life staying that way forever.  Or in the reverse, when things are going great, I imagine that they will only get better, that things will always keep going uphill from there.

But when things are bad, assuming that’s just how it will always be leads to a self-fulfilling prophesy of sorts.  You have no hope that things will change, so you don’t even try to change them, therefore they never do change.  And when things are great, thinking that’s how it will always be is also dangerous.  Because hard times will come eventually, it’s a fact of life.  And when they do come, you’d be caught completely off guard, bewildered, and possibly shattered.  We need to understand that what is, or isn’t, in our lives right now, will not extend forever.  Have hope that the future will bring wonderful things, understand that sorrows will come as well, and know that if we trust in the Lord, pray, and take action – things can, and will, change.  Do not let your visions of today, get in the way of seeing what tomorrow could be.


I apologize if this is a little on the ‘self-help’ side of things, but I know when I’ve truly believed these ideas – I’ve had more hope and peace about life, the good and the bad.  So I thought I’d throw it out there in case it would encourage anyone else.  And if you want to think more about this, I’d encourage you to read in the Bible the story of Joseph, in the Old Testament.  Talk about a life of ups and downs and change – and imagine how different his story would have been had he assumed his current circumstances would dictate how the rest of his life would turn out.


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  1. Heather

    August 4, 2012 at 10:52 am

    I love this verse and reading. Thank u for sharing! I would love to share this with others as well if that is ok.