Daily Devotions

June 24

Today I grabbed a devotional book that had been lying around my apartment for quite some time.  I had been intending to read it for awhile, but it was just one of those things that kept getting pushed off.  There always seemed to be something else to occupy my time with.  Don’t get me wrong, I was still spending time with God – praying, reading the Bible, an intermittent daily devotional, and going to church. But truthfully, it has been awhile since I’ve sat down and read through a devotional book.  So what happens when I open up the first chapter and start to read it?  Questions start popping up in my mind like: “What is the author all about anyways?” “I’m probably not going to like his style of writing, right?” and “What if it’s boring and contains nothing profound?”.

That’s when I stopped myself.  It doesn’t matter whether or not the author’s style is exactly to my liking, or if I think it’s brilliant and profound.  Yes, those things might make me like it more.  But the purpose of a devotional book isn’t that I end up liking it.  Its purpose is to open a conversation between me and God.  To spark up a dialogue.  Regardless of what I think of the book at the end, if it got me talking with God – it’s served its purpose.  Furthermore, time spent reading it was anything but trivial.

My point with all this is – whether it’s a devotional book you have sitting on your shelf, or you’re thinking about buying a new one – don’t focus on finding the absolute perfect book.  Just pick one up, and start the conversation.

I’d like to leave you with the very first thing I read in my devotional book, a quote from George MacDonald’s Phantastes:

And a great hand reached out of the dark, and grasped mine for a moment, mightily and tenderly.  I said to myself, “The veil between, though very dark, is very thin.” 


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